Some Greek Upset

Right now futures are lower by about 1/2 percent.  Crude futures are lower and broke the $45 level before bouncing slightly.  The dollar is trading up solidly and the euro is down, but bot as badly as you might think.

The Greek election results came in and the far left party won, so Greece, the euro and Europe should all be front and center when the market opens.  I will have full video tomorrow, but I want to get the lay of the land first.

Here are some names that I am watching over the next couple of days:





Not sure if the market will overreact to the Greek news, but I think any initial knee jerk lower will wear off quickly.  Therefore my suggestion is not sell the open, but be prepared to buy once the market finds its level.

VA acted poorly on Friday, evidently this is the only airline that doesn’t know how in the world to hedge crude, so the idiots have locked themselves in at higher prices as crude prices collapse.  We’ll make a decision on that one tomorrow.

See you in the morning.

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