6 Biotech Setups

With biotech hitting all time highs, its not as easy finding setups that will work.  Here are some names that still make the grade.

$CELG I’m looking for the $175+ zone by year end. The stock looks ready for a big breakout very soon.


$NXTM tried for a breakout Friday but couldn’t get it together. Watch this one for low 20’s


$KERX  If you’re into falling wedges this ones for you.  Stop around 12-12.50 but watch for a break out of the wedge to the upside.


$RARE is flagging after digesting the December/January move. Watch for a break out of the flag. Target 60.


$BLUE continues to hold lateral support after its monster move.  You can have s a stop just below the line. Target 150.


$KITE has also pulled back from its big move, but I like this wedge. Next week will be interesting for this one.


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