Monday Wrap- Greece Was a Dud & Biotech Won’t Stop


As the east coast gets ready for an epic full blown blizzard that will effect tens of millions of people, the market ended up shaking off Greece and all its nonsense.

After a lower open and choppy action, the SPX ended up rallying about 15 points off the lows that were put in around 10 am.


Crude ended up closing slightly green and just above the $45 level.  The euro was very weak overnight, but managed a decent close.

I continue to like the look of the market.  Many of the charts on the indexes are at short term technical breakout levels, so we should fish or cut bait soon.

Oh by the way, IBB (Biotech ETF) made more historic highs.  I added JUNO back on the P&L today around 43.50.  I think there is s a good shot that both KITE and JUNO have bottomed.  Unfortunately, VA stopped.  Management should be shot. If an airline screws up with oil prices down 50% then they don’t deserve to exist.

Tonight I am adding RGLS at the 20.20 level.





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