Morning Note


Yesterday was a rough one. If you are like me and followed some of these swings you got your eye lashes pulled out yesterday. Europe started things off in the morning yesterday by disavowing some good news that the market thought was a given. Then later in the day, Germany I believe came out with some commentary and the market really accelerated its sell off.

The last  piece news happened  around 3:40. As you know I sent an alert to buy TNA. This call was made literally a minute or two before Europe took away the punch bowl at around 3:40 and it was the fastest stop I have probably taken in a year.  It happened fast, so some of you took the trade but most didn’t. In any event it stopped out quickly, if you are still long I would use the same stop that was on the email.

Also there is a correction. STMP did not trigger on the short side. Actually I thought it triggered near the close of the market, but it was an incorrect “print” on my trading platform.

Really tough tape guys, but it does get better.



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