A Tender Note To Europe

GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!  I said it and I care nary a wit at this point. You are wrecking global markets with your smug, arrogant, incompetent behavior. You piss and moan and jockey for position, you saber rattle when you have no leverage and flood the news services with false information. You are costing people money and you are beneath contempt.

Your economic model has been a disaster for decades, now you pull a Corzine with a deer in headlights stare. You are sorry souls indeed. I may have to short my S&P to 700 because of you, and that is sad,  but fine , it is what it is. Fix your shit soon, as your bad deeds have finally caught up to you. You have failed your people and you need a 101 in capitalism. But that will never happen. You’re a slow motion train wreck and an embarrassment to your global partners that have saved your bacon on more than one occasion so get your act together.  If it was up to me  I would move you all to Appalachia.

Or maybe trade you to the Marlins. Enough of you.


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