A Weird Week

The S&P made several attempts to blast through the 200 day moving average this week. No dice so far, maybe next week, maybe not. Forget the 200 day though, because there is a very important downtrend line, that if broken to the upside, could rip this Faberge egg of a market higher.  Should be a wild week ahead.

Lindsay grabbed a cool million to do a pose. I think they airbrushed her meth well and she does look a bit like Marlyn Monroe..NOW.

Jennifer Aniston has bested Angelina Jolie in a “Hottest Woman of All Time” poll. Props to the judges, Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli.

Corzine looked ridiculous this week. Truly in a haze. How he ever reached the station in life that he did is anyone’s guess. The comical quote of the week was made by him when he said, “I relied on ratings agencies” to go get leveraged long Europe? Such a tool.  He must have also been co-piloting Amelia Eearharts’s plane.

Phil Falcone of Harbinger Capital got a Wells Notice from the SEC. He may wish he got a letter bomb instead. It must be “How the Mighty Have Fallen” week.

Stocks I love next week are $GOOG and $AAPL. Stocks I hate next week are GOOG and AAPL. Just the way this market is.

Good luck.





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