The Wrap 2/9/11


Action was largely listless all session. That left the Nasdaq and S&P 500 to muddle along and log modest losses. However, the Dow eked out a slight gain in the final few minutes to score its eighth straight advance.

Six of ten sectors were in negative territory, led by energy (-1.2%), materials (-0.9%) and financials (-0.7%).

Tomorrow morning before the open, one economic report is scheduled to be released: Initial claims (Consensus 410K) and Continuing claims (Consensus 3900K).

Tomorrow before the open look for the following companies to report: ALXN, LNT, AUXL, BCRX, BWA, BG, CBOE, ECA, EZCH, FORR, GT, GPI, INCY, IPCC, IRC, LH, LF, LFUS, LFUS, LPX, LUFK, CLI, MTOX, TAP, MNTA, NBL, OZM, PMTI, PEP, PM, RCSN, ROLL, I, SNI, SHP, SHPGY, SPR, S, TKLC, TDC, TGH, TRI, THS, VNDA, VTNC, GRA, WWE, and WXS.

The perpetual piece of equity garbage that goes by the name of CSCO completely failed with their after market earnings report. It has successfully upended the Nazzy in after market trading. AKAM is down 5 and others are very weak as well.

The materials(XLB) were taken down a notch today as was Oil and Oil Service (XLE, OIH). The financials didn’t fare much better either. Did we top or is this going to be just another buy the dip opportunity? As I’ve said a million times, “I hate earnings season.” Keep your powder dry. See you in morning.

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