Christopher Lee: Revelation to Resignation, You Can't Mess With the Web

So this freaky deeky dude Christopher Lee throws his pecs up on Craig’s List. He says he is single and a lobbyist, truth be told he is married, a father, and is a Congressman who likes to take pictures of himself with his new Droid. The guy looks to apple pie to trust anyway. Boehner sat down with all these misfits and said that there there will be zero tolerance policy for skulduggery and tomfoolery. If you like Barbie dolls, little boys, dressing up like Lady Gaga, whatever, stop the shit. Anyway, Gawker broke the story and although they spend eight days a week and twenty five hours a day trying  to pull a “gotcha” on the Republicans I thank them for breaking this story. Stop acting like you’re in college on my dime assholes. It took five hours from this revelation for this egghead to resign.

When will they learn two things in this new age?:

1-The cover up is always worse than the crime and..

2- You can’t fuck with the web.

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