Weekend Linky Dinks: Jobs, Huck Finn, Verizon, Apple and More..

Mark Twain did a spin in his grave this week as some charlatan at NewSouth books decided what was good for us. We’re drowning in political correctness, so please grade this post in purple crayon if you think it sucks, God forbid I should be criticized. The market got shaken out yesterday, but bids came back later in the day. Oil, materials and metals were knocked down a peg last week, as European worries rallied the dollar. It will be an interesting week in Europe coming up. Watch Portugal.

Jobs are still a sham depending on how you look at the numbers, even Uncle Ben said yesterday it will take “five years for jobs to normalize”. The wall of worry goes higher, and so does the market…. for now.

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Link Time:

The 10 best ETF stories of 2010

The Guardian the NY Times and the man who spilled the secrets.

Huck Finn gets a rewrite.

Chicago may get wind burn.

Is Facebook worth $50 million (video)

LinkedIn on the IPO runway.

Drill baby drill, Russia puts a bit in a 14 million year old lake.

Verizon gets the iPhone, oh what a surprise.

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