Weekend Linky Dinks: Resolutions, Billy the Kid, Hangovers & More

The 2011 market kicks off is in about 48 hours and it’s anyone’s guess how we will wrap up this new year, but as always, it will involve volatility, fear, greed, tomfoolery, some skulduggery, more subpoenas and much uncertainty. Just good clean fun. I want to have some more ‘me’ time this year, trade of course, but smell the roses a little more. I’d like to read a book of fiction for once like I always used to (like two a month), instead of having my head buried in Telecharts all the time. I think I found lint in Bernanki’s beard a few times last year as I hung on his every word. That’s too much. Just overkill. I need to work less, but work smarter , so I can see better results.  I want to take a nice long vacation this year as I have been doing ‘stay-cations’  lately due to work. Life is short and death is long, I need to tell myself that at least once a day in 2011.

Wall of Worry issues for the New Year include: higher rates, housing double dip, Europe still and the deficit.

Check the blog on Monday morning as I will post some trader thoughts that may be helpful in the coming year. Have a great 2011. 🙂 It was a slow news week, so here you go.

Your hangover.

Billy the Kid denied a pardon, final closure for me on this one, now I can concentrate on 2011.

Hef’s mansion is a dirty cat house.

A movie that mocks Lohan.

Bob Dylan in pictures.

Tiger Woods, $74 million for losing.

How Facebook beat Google.

Who is Ron Paul anyway?

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