The Wrap 12/29/10


What a boring market huh? Unless you owned certain stocks. Agriculture stocks exploded as well as speculative mineral stocks like SHZ. These stocks are fun to trade, but all are widow makers after they have had there run. I have seen it 1000 times before, sell if you were lucky enough to be long.

Yesterday was the lightest volume day of the year and today was a close second.

The market is in a weird place, I am in a weird place as I try try to digest the bull/ bear argument. I care nary a wit as I try to trade this. I know Mr. Bear or Mr. bull will show me the way soon. I will never call a top for us, or a bottom for that matter. Just sayin’ The market will tell me the right way. Please disengage the buy button from your brains and understand the temporal existence of the long side. It will help you avoid disaster.

Tomorrow could be a study in futility. Don’t over trade. Schawab loves days like tomorrow.


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