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{+++}Hi guys, no new names tonight, let’s manage the portfolio for a day or two. I will do day trade ideas tomorrow if I see anything. For newer subscribers, our rule is never to chase the open. We try and stay away from the market for the first 15 minutes, you will get better prices on the pullback, if you miss it,so be it. For existing and new subscribers, my levels are guidelines and not exact, as trading is not an exact science, although FSLR gapped up a bit, you could have picked it up at around 125, the trigger was 123, not a big premium to pay on a 123 dollar stock. The stock ran 13 points today. We’ll get em tomorrow, rest well.

WATCH LIST FOR Sept, 9,2008


OREX-you can nibble here with a stop around 7.30, I like the action)

UNP 62.50 STOP 61 (did not trigger because it was first 10 minutes)

AGU -50.05 STOP 48.50 ( no trade-gapped through trigger, wait for pullback to trigger price)


FSLR- BUY 123 STOP 120 ( u grabbed 10 points if u snagged it just above trigger price-124)

MELA- long at 10.50

HLCS- 2.50 stop 2.25

XIDE- $7 stop 6.25

EXEL- 6 or 6.10 STOP 5.80 (acting well, could pop, wants to breakout)

BCRX 10.40 STOP 11 (choppy, digesting)

QSFT- 16.25 stop 16.00 (hanging in there, consolidating well, we are out of half)

CRY  at $7.50 stop 7.25


PENN – 27.83 ( so far so good)

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