Bulls Just Won’t Let GO

{+++} I”m lightening up a bit just to be cautious, profits are good to take. I haven’t been following up on the day trades on twitter because they are day trades, they’ve worked pretty well, take the money if you can.

Try and sign up for the Stocktwits desktop if you haven’t already, it will be up and running in a few weeks and I will posting day trades there and  only for you guys. Any other info relating to subscribers will be released there as well.

Stocktwits Tv tomorrow at noon, send me some picks for review

WATCH LIST FOR Sept, 10,2008


AGU -50.05 STOP 48.50 ( no trade-gapped through trigger, wait for pullback to trigger price)


UNP 62.50 STOP 61(traded higher then backed off, good volume))

OREX- long at 8  stop 8.25 (sold half +.80)

MELA- long at 10.50 (great pattern, but failed as a breakout today)

HLCS- 2.50 stop 2.25 (sold half +.50)

XIDE- $7 stop 6.50

EXEL- 6 or 6.10 STOP 5.80 ( going in the right direction, but needs volume to really break out)

QSFT- 16.25 stop 16.00 (if it gets through 17 it could run, we are out of half)

CRY  at $7.50 stop 7.25 (sold half +.80)


PENN – 27.83 ( so far so good)

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