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Dow: -54.57…
Nasdaq: -15.66… S&P: +3.94…

The S&P 500 increased 0.1% on Wednesday, as the market reacted positively to the FOMC Minutes from the January meeting. Earlier in the day, the SPX was down as much as 0.9% amid negative-sounding Russia-Ukraine headlines.

The Nasdaq lost 0.1% after being down 1.5% intraday. The Dow lost 0.2% after being down 1.0% intraday. The Russell 2000 gained 0.1% after being down 0.8% intraday.

There continues to be Russia war headlines, it seems they change by the hour. Putin, in my mind, won’t start a war, he’s too smart. But when you were a killer at the KGB and get to run Russia, I guess anything is possible.

I’m going with no war, just saber-rattling by Putin because this US government lays down on most things right now and our enemies just want to see what they can get away with. Test us. Peace through strength doesn’t matter anymore.

Crude oil pulled back at around noon today. The move took it from around $95 to $91.  Energy stocks weren’t as affected. I mentioned over the weekend that oil and energy stocks were ready for a little pullback.

Gold and silver were higher again today. They are getting real close to where I am starting to trust them again.

GOLD beat on earnings today and announced a big buyback. Not to be confused with GLD, the ETF.

They wanted to remove Abraham Lincoln’s name from schools in San Francisco.  Today they recalled three board of education folks today. If you cant win a culture war in San Francisco, then watch the mid-term elections. It should be great theater and probably a landslide for those that are done with the nonsense and a return to common sense.

Politics affects the market. It will become more clear in late spring and summer as we approach the midterms.

Right now Alec Baldwin has killed and wounded more people than anyone in Ukraine, let’s hope that continues.

It’s a tough domestic situation right now. Crime is off the hook, the border is wide open, runaway inflation, war potential, gas prices ripping.

Do you want to invest 100% right now? Your 401K has no choice, but is your side money confident?

We probably still go higher because where else will Tepper, Ackman, Buffett put their money.

Watch NU.  Great chart. I think it’s a double in a year.

See you in the morning.



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