Poking Higher

Dow: +88.92…
Nasdaq: +63.47… S&P: +11.09…

Until things change, I should just title these posts New Highs.

The Dow, SPX, and NDX squeezed out more highs today. The Russell 2000 was red.

TSLA recovered today after getting bludgeoned yesterday. I mentioned yesterday that Robin Hood brokerage ( small retail millennial traders mostly) reported a record amount of TSLA buys near the top on Tuesday. Usually dumb money that chases. I’d feel better for these novices if they were chasing AAPL or MSFT, not TSLA.

Today SoFi (same demographic), reported that TSLA actually replaced AAPL as its #1 holding. Classic bubble-rama stuff here, but you never know with this stock.

I told you that I thought GBTC looked last week in a morning look post. Its popped about 17% since then. I am mentioning it again because it is at yet another breakout level. Over the $$12 level with volume it could tag 13.50-14.00.

Two other stocks that are setting up for possible breakouts are SDC and SPCE. Also, watch KNSA through the $17 level.

CLVS is starting to act up a bit. At one point today it was up 8%. There are about 26 million shares short which is about 49% of the float. Let’s hope.

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