Dow: -152.06…
Nasdaq: -18.14… S&P: -8.83…

So there’s a China virus going around evidently, so the market went down. An excuse to let a little air out. Early reports say that it’s not even close to the SARS virus scare of 2013, but it was enough to hit some bids as the world was worried about the virus and the effect on the economy (travel mostly). Many of the Chinese stocks opened lower and US companies that have exposure there got sold off.

US stocks like LVS (gambling) with exposure to Macau got hit. God forbid the degenerate gamblers yelling “monkey” on a winning hand stop showing up. Ever see those guys?

Its nothing. Unless a nuke goes off in Times Square all is good with the world and the market. It’s a glutinous greed frenzy right now as the slightest dips get bought. Cental banks and the Fed keep puking liquidity into world markets and that’s all the hedgies care about. Buy, buy, buy, GOOGL, MSFT AAPL etc…

Biotech stocks under $2 are hotter than a $2 pistol. Usually, the sign of a short term top, but you never know with this market.

I told you guys that I would be out of NFLX before earnings on Tuesday. I told you in the video that I didn’t know we were closed Monday until a friend told me on Sunday. Anyway, with that said, I still thought today was Monday, and NFLX reported BECAUSE IT IS ACTUALLY IS TUESDAY.!! Earnings beat and the stock is up after hours, I take no credit because I would have sold it if I knew what day it was. Maybe early dementia on my part, or maybe I should just look at a fu#!in calendar.

I didn’t trade today and I didn’t see the market much due to travel but will be back in the foxhole tomorrow.

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