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The last two  months of this market have been drekish to say the least and in my opinion,the rest of this year will be a root canal. My members have been killing this market day in and day out.  Here is exactly what we did this week. To also request December performance, email me at [email protected]
Premium Member trades on the site just this week included:
BZQ (short Brazil) +57.0% 6 week hold
HYG +7.3% (partial)
SMN +29.0%
QLYS +18.7% (partial)
LAD +29.0%
KMX +20.0%
MON +7.4% (partial)
BBY +8.9%
ALV +8.4%
TNA -2.2%
TREE -5.6%
UPRO +6.7% (partial)
SCO +8.8% (partial)
TQQQ + 6.2% (partial)
SVXY+2.6% (partial)
The portfolio continues to be led by:
BTU short + 79.5%
TQQQ + 11.0%
SCO +24.0%
UPRO +10.0%
Performance is updated every evening. Become a member today.
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