It’s So Easy To Move Stocks On Light Volume

The market had a low volume pop today during a slow week for trading. The Russell, Dow and S&P popped a bit over 1% and the Nasdaq rose about 1.5%.

The Nazzy was helped by nice moves in AMZN and GOOGL.

The F.A.N.G. stocks all acted well. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.  Other than that the overall breadth of the market is pretty dismal.  It has been this way even before thee last two holiday shortened weeks.

I’m winding things down on my end and getting ready for 2016. I’m looking forward to another year. Will this bull market extend?  We are already seven years in. Can we push it to eight years…. ten years?

Odds say no, but you never know. There is always a black swan lurking, and as we get longer in the tooth, a bad event wouldnt have  big problem toppling prices at all time highs.  I sleep with one eye open anyway, so that’s just me.

Fear is a much stronger emotion than greed and you will be amazed at the money you can make on the short side when things decide to finally implode, and it will…eventually.

Anyhoo, see you tomorrow.



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