Is It Time To Buy The Drek?

dear santa

“Only dead fish swim with the stream.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

The market might be ending flat for the year, but as you know some sectors have outright crashed. Coal, as an industry, is basically bankrupt, maybe a couple of names will make the cut and survive. Maybe.

Energy is “bid-less”. That will change at some point though.  There are fingers and hands littered through the canyons of Wall Street this year by those that caught the falling knife in energy time and time again.  You cant catch bottoms, especially when an entire sector is in liquidation.

I swear I don’t know what 2016 has in store, I was clueless on 2015 and we did well. One day at a time, stock selection is paramount.  Screw the indexes, I don’t care what they do.

Some will want to buy coal, energy, and the “Dogs of the Dow. How about those ag stocks? MOS, AGU POT have been utter disasters.

I think Apple peaked in high school; and will just market perform in my opinion.

Try to avoid buying the big losers in 2015 next year.  They are drek for a reason. GoPro is an example.  There are many others.  Many bought DDD this year because 2014 was so bad. They lost another 60%. Garbage is garbage for a reason, and when the bloom comes off the rose on those momo names, it rarely comes back.  Institutions move price, and when they’re out, its over. Next!!!!

Hey I am offering two years of my service for the price of one year for $499. It goes back to $799 on Jan. 1 for one year.

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Some subscriber trades just this month:

BTU -+33% (short)

NFLX- +14%

IDTI +6.0%

CAT +4% (short)

CLDX +15%

ALDR +6.0%

RLYP +15%

PACB +23%

BZQ +13.9%

ARLP +23% (short)

EDZ +11.0%

P&L furnished upon request.

Don’t be an antediluvian misanthrope.




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