OK, I’m pissed at Mr. Market. So many folks were bullish at the top. The S&P, the Nazzy and that old man index (the Dow) were ripping. The Russell has been a pig.  The last few days were a confluence of bearish events, almost black swanish.

Aunt Bea….Janet Yellen decided to opine from Brooklyn. This person runs THE FED.

Don’t steal my Aunt Bea term, I invented it, and I will sue you all for creative thinking infringement. Start your own fucking blog.

aunt bea


They are both precious.

Aunt Bea will make you a blueberry pie, but Janet from Brooklyn, a borough that should have been nuked years ago, will wreck your p&L. The collective IQ of this borough is 75 and should be sent to Appalachia along with the Sta-in Islanders.  They try like the Housewives of Atlanta. I’m rooting for them.

So what happened today to the market? It got crushed.

So our Fed president, Janet Yellen ( Aunt Bea)  hates biotech, Russia shoots down a plane over Ukraine (is it “The” Ukraine? , I don’t know), and Israel launches a full scale attack on Gaza.  This is a land, sea and air attack by Israel. . Boots all over the ground, the Israeli’s want these tunnels that Hamas is using. These folks have been fighting since the Age of Pericles and it will never end.  Lets not be surprised that this happened. Enough from these two. Really, just stop your shit. It’s getting old and its pissing people off globally. Enough.

Obama is a clown of biblical proportions. Shit is coming undone everywhere and the guy is nowhere. Frankly I personally care nary a fucking wit about the Mideast, its their battle, not mine. I hope Iraq implodes and I never want see one of our men at risk again.   I care about my  own border which has been reduced to fucking cheesecloth.

I am trying to figure out a strategy tonight.

Lets go trade the second half together. It’s Navy Seal trading time. No prisoners.

Right here.

I don’t do free trials for multitude of reasons, so don’t ask.

You can email me for performance.







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