Summer Fun Will Continue


We continue higher as the $VIX heads to zero and pundits bark out put/call ratios, investment sentiment and McClellan Oscillators. Lions, tigers and bears oh my.

Tepper and Acampora are happy again and all is right with the world. Rates are still zero, we have no economy, and stocks will continue higher.

Europe and Draghi have the kitchen sink ready to go, right or wrong, and for now they have pushed off falling into the Mediterranean again.

Greece and parts of Europe, are like Williamsburg Brooklyn now, the cool place to be, and I am up 35% in about two weeks in that dreaded National Bank of Greece. $NBG . I will make you lamb. It will go to 5.

India is white hot after the election and things go higher there.  The markets continue to shrug off all uncertainty and any pending doom.  Even Putin will get bored with his saber rattling and will soon be back to riding unicorns while shirtless.

Biotech isn’t going to zero anymore as long as you stay with the right names.  I like $MDVN and $JAZZ.  I even scooped up some small $AEGR as a starter last week.  The latter is down like a billion percent and I know where my stop is.

Energy is still in favor and coiling names like $BHI, $HAL and others still look higher.

You can still make a lot of money in tech and it doesn’t have to be in the “software as a disservice” names. Just look at semiconductors. $SMH, what a freaking move.

Alas though, its the end of an era for $AAPL (from a price perspective). It can still go higher, but gone are the days of the 20 point moves. It will start to trade like $ORCL and $MSFT. Splits kill good trading action in names like Apple.   Two and three for one splits are tough enough, but a fat seven? Difference is you’ll be playing for 50cents now instead of  $5.  Six of one I guess, but just not as much fun. Splits and a fat dividend, we all new the day would come.


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