Wednesday Market Wrap-Europe On Stage Tomorrow, Jobs On Friday



Kids playing with a valueless DMark in the Weimar Republic.

Tomorrow should play big. The S&P and the Dow really look launch pad ready for higher prices. The charts look amazing. Draghi better come through tomorrow though.  The  euro has already priced in easing (negative rates for Europe?) The pundits think rates are going negative in Europe and QE may be right behind it. Sound familiar? Probably real good for markets. We’ll see how it shakes out tomorrow.  You just never know.

Today the financials went out on the highs which tells me that maybe we have a higher tape tomorrow. A breakout in the market tomorrow could  result in some major performance chasing, which may catch many shorts and non believers off guard.

Tomorrow’s Euro action could be tempered by our jobs report on Friday though. Frankly I think market players know jobs are weak (just look at GDP). Its no secret things suck and this is the weakest recovery ever.

See you in the morning.



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