Here’s The Bounce

irish girl

Happy St. Paddy’s day or as we or as we call it in NYC, “fat drunk middle aged guy pees behind dumpster day”.  To non drinkers St. Patrick’s Day revelry looks and feels a lot like the apocalypse.  Have fun if you’re out there.

Asia and Europe are higher.  The next steps in terms of international response remain uncertain, but the current bias would suggest there is a presumption that initial sanctions won’t be hard-hitting economically so as to allow more time for a diplomatic resolution. Time will tell.

Will the shorts be thrown into the wood chipper today or will we see a late morning fade? I’ll be watching tech ($QQQ) and biotech ($IBB) for a “tell”.

$GMCR is going into the S&P 500 and is ripping. $SPX

Hopefully the animal spirits will prevail.



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