Sunday Post

{+++} I want to take my foot off the pedal at least until we get through tomorrow. I’m not sure yet how global equities will react to the Russian situation (mini invasion of Ukraine).  It may seem a bit more serious than we thought late Friday, as some new facts have emerged. These things usually have a way of passing in a day or two and I’m still very bullish, I just want to see who blinks first.

Even though the biotechs had their worst day in a while on Friday, we took some stops, that sector will still probably be my main focus over the intermediate term. Short term, (next few days), could be a little dicey though. This is still my favorite group going forward, along with those software names.

I’m starting to warm up to the financials again and I like the look of BAC and MS.

I expect to see the futures get hit during the overnight session. We’ll see if they can shake it off by the open.

I will see you guys early in the chat room tomorrow.

P.S. The new March P&L is up which reflects any carryovers from February.


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