What a World and What’s WhatsApp?


What a world. Fifty five teenagers at WhatsApp just got 19 billion from Facebook in cash and stock. . They do messaging. I must be missing something  because I thought we already had that.

In other news, after Facebook bought WhatsApp for 16 billion they launched a new app specifically for parents called “WhatsWhatsApp?”

Recently $YHOO gave 26 year old David Karp at Tumblr 1.1 billion. He was a 15 year old programmer that dropped out of high school. Tumblr had 175 employees.

The kids at Instagram (all nine of them) got $1.1 billion just a little while back from Facebook.

This paves the way for those two degenerates at Snapchat to probably name their price. Keep in mind that they already refused a $3 billion cash offer from Facebook. Evan Spiegel, the President, is 23 years old. Bless his heart.

I have recently mastered email attachments and that “reply to all” thingy and wish them all well.

In other news, Hot Pockets have been recalled.

It’s all too much.



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