Back To The Breakout

After a 110 point $SPX move in about eight days we find ourselves about 8-9 points from the 1850 highs. If we break through, we probably see a nifty move to 1880, maybe the almighty 1900 level.

$TSLA reports tonight and I just have a feeling that it will tear the entrails out of the shorts. I don’t know why, just a feeling.  By the way, $AAPL wont buy $TSLA but some kind of joint venture could certainly be in the cards. I shorted a  little $AAPL for a trade  at the close yesterday. We’ll see how that goes.

Biotech $IBB continues to rule the world and nothing tells me that anything should change for now.  The technicals are bullish, and in my opinion, the takeover frenzy in the sector hasn’t even started yet, and that will put a bid and a “put” underneath.

Solar $TAN is hot, that the largest plant in Vegas is melting birds. Where’s PETA?

Love $GTAT $UBNT $CLVS and other assorted longs.

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