Hello February, Goodbye Football


First off, who was the guy that jammed that ‘r’ in February?  One of the many things that keep me awake at night.

It’s Little Russell against Big Peyton later today. Should be a doozy.  This is a really tough one to call, but maybe a late backdoor win by Denver.  Richard Sherman can’t cover everybody.

Next week could be rally week. The 1770 level held well, as we chopped and grinded like nobody’s business.  Asia will  no doubt open lower later, but it depends what we do. A gap down or gap up tomorrow is s unpredictable as the outcome of the game.

Utilities are ripping (not bullish), but biotech (risk on sector) holds in well. Energy is getting shown the door as $CVX and $XOM got hammered last week.

Technology had a better week last week than the week before, but still looks heavy, and you have to wonder if the sell $AAPL buy $GOOG trade continues.

The $VIX has ripped the last two weeks, but was halted at some resistance on Friday.


Here are a few names I’m watching for next week.

$CLVS is one of my fave biotechs.  I’m watching for a break over that downtrend channel soon.


$HIMX can still work to the 18 level if it can up through he 15 level with volume.


$CME They have been leaning on this one hard, but it may be overdone to the downside. Be long with a stop in the 72 zone.


$DDD I think is a safe short until it close above the 50 day moving average.


$IBM I still think this one is a short. It looks like it wants to retest the 172 level. If it breaks that level I see mid 150’s


I will have more setups in my Sunday video posted later for Premium Users. Good luck this week.

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