You Have To Laugh


“When you come to a fork in the road , take it” -Yogi Berra

So goes January so goes my ass. Lunar apocalypses and global freezing will kill the market too. The Justin Beiber deportation efforts by the trending Twitter people with no lives could turn this market lower.  He just got bagged for the fourth time in a week at a Jersey airport a few hours ago when he opened the Gulfstream doors. Where’s Cheech & Chong? They had a van.

Everyone hates the market now. We’ve been through Europe and freaking Cypress (population 32). China is run by the freaking Triad and grifters that make Jordan Belfort look like Jamie Dimon. It was never real, but it didn’t matter because Benny and the Inkjets were printing. So now they decide to worry.

Yellen is legless here. What no one talked about was how our printing would effect the drug cartels and those shell companies in South America. I watch with interest and a smile as this unfolds.

They hide in in sheet rock like $MSFT$GOOG saved the Nazzy, and STOP looking at the Dow, its a useless index.

I hope we crash Monday morning so I can buy everything.

Lets do it now. I still think 2000+ by year end is in the bag.  It’s Come To Jesus time. We rip higher real soon, maybe even Monday.

I’m long, short, and sideways. Much cash. I couldn’t figure this week out at all.  I didn’t have $GOOG or $CMG. I also didn’t have $AMZN.

Glad it’s in the books.


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