Morning Market Look: Bank America Beats


The market is in takeaway mode, meaning it takes away the profits you had the day before.  Up a hundred down a hundred is the new game until the geniuses in DC figure it out.  This market is “No Country For Old Men”, but day traders are having a blast.

Boehner’s deal blew up, so now its up to Reid and McConnel. No matter how this turns out, we’ll be back in February again anyway.

$BAC beat on their number and the stock is higher.

Twitter ($TWYT) has decided to list o the NYSE.

Rating service Fitch put the U.S. on credit watch yesterday.

It was impressive that momentum names like $LNKD, & $TSLA  stayed glued together yesterday.

Biotech got a little damaged in the sell off and some of those charts need a little work. $BIIB, $GILD and $CELG are my faves.

$NOAH had a beautiful high volume breakout yesterday, so watch that one for continuation in the coming weeks.

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