Morning Market Look For 9/4/13

U.S. futures are slightly red, and hard commodities are lower. Europe is also lower this morning. The 10 year bond is 2.87%. Traders for the most part sold Sunday’s overnight rally

$LNKD announced a $1B stock sale yesterday and the stock is down about 2% in pre market trading.

Steve Ballmer, pissed that his resignation announcement last week was greeted with euphoria, got even yesterday by announcing that seven billion purchase of $NOK handset business. Microsoft’s answer to the iWatch will probably be something worn on your foot.

Billionaire Packer bought about 9% of Zillow ($Z). The stock has been on a tear.

We’ve emailed, faxed and “FedEx’d” our attack plans to Assad so he can be fully prepared. Sen. McCain was caught playing poker on his iPhone at the hearing yesterday and Sen. Kerry said “well maybe, kinda sorta” that we may eventually need boots on the ground in Syria. The market doesn’t like boots on the ground, so we’ll have to see if this grows roots.

220,000 pounds of dead fish were found in Chinese waters yesterday so you may want to lay off that talapia dish for a while.

The G-20 is this week, so  caterers should have a good week.

Look for truck and auto sales today, as well as the Fed’s beige book.

Hermes released a$12,000 blue basketball at their Beverly Hills location yesterday. On my Amazon wishlist big time.

Good trading.

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