Monday Premium Post 1/21/12

{+++} Everything looks pretty good. Unfortunately earnings are coming fast and furiously, so I took some names off my list because they are reporting soon. So I will try to be looking at stocks that have already reported or will report a few weeks out for swing purposes. In other words, I would rather buy a TIF which has already reported, versus a COH which comes out this week.

LNG and QSII are interesting to me on their daily charts, but earnings are coming up soon. LNG has about ten days until they report, so you may want to take a look at that one. The 20.65 level could break it out.

If anyone is holding MYL or DDD from the P&L, I believe earnings report this week.

Here re two names I will be buying this week should they hit triggers.

PSX could be developing a bullish cup and handle pattern on the daily. Buy at the 55.85 level.


CSOD is working a nice base on the daily. Goldman came out with a buy the other day with a target of 40. Buy at the 32.15 level.


See you guys on the chat room in the morning.

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