1500 Tomorrow- 2 New Set Ups

{+++} GOOG and IBM are leading the way higher in the after market after nice reports. GOOG seems to be nailing it on the mobile side, maybe that will carry over to FB tomorrow, so maybe that’s a name to watch tomorrow. There were breakouts all over the place today and the market wants higher. There is a decent chance that the SPX could open the day around 1500.

The only thing holding the market back from an obscene upside rip at this point is AAPL. If they can beat and say the right things on their conference call stocks can continue higher.

Nothing happened with our two new additions last night, CSOD or PSX, but keep an eye on them.

I am adding two names tonight. One is a breakout play (HOT) and one is a continuation play (BRKB)

I mentioned HOT in the chat room the other day as one to watch around this level. I will be buying this one between 60.75 and 61.10


BRKB Berkshire Hathaway is approaching five year highs and has it all, banks, transports etc. The chart looks fantastic and I think its going to 100 then 110. I would buy this up to 96.50 tomorrow.


See you tomorrow and have a great night. Check the P&L for entries and stops.


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