The Wrap for 1/8/12

{+++} Another tight range today. Maybe 5-6 S&P handles was the range. Choppy with no real setups.

I was scanning around and found two interesting set ups. I like to call stocks under 10 bucks lottery plays, so take them small. These are swing, NOT day trades.

Anyway, here you go, both are software/cloud plays, but the charts look good.

SREV used to be a $ 25 number back in 2011. Something must have gone horribly wrong, but it’s probably safe to say that all the sellers were shaken out. The stock has recently broken above its 10,20 and 50 day moving averages and it looks like it is being accumulated as volumes are increasing. I would get long around the 6-85-6.90 level.


MKTG was up around $13 before an uglyy head and shoulder pattern knocked it down to the 5.50 level. I would look to take some over the 6.95 level. If it can get through 7 with good volume, it has a shot of getting into the gap with a target of 8-8.50.


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