The Wrap for 12/5/12 —5 New Names

{+++}  AAPL came back with a vengeance today, trading up about 30 points off the lows and about 9 bucks for the day. The stock could find its way to the 20 day moving average on this move which is around 560.

Here are some setups to put on your radar. Have a great night and I will see you in the chat room in the morning.

IPHI is setting up nicely .It broke out of a downtrend channel a couple of days ago with good volume, The stock is now flagging. I would buy at the 9.37 level.

CYBK is working a really nice pAttern here. This is the daily chart below and you can see a very nice bull flag within the context of a bullish cup and handle pattern.  Buy at the 52.88 level.

BIIB  is coiling and is a buy at the 152.66 level

Z has been coiling for a while now, and if it can break through 28.13 level it has a chance of getting into the gap above, maybe to the 33 level.

DECK has been crushed over the last year but may have put in a bottom. DECK popped about a week ago and is now in a bull flag pattern. Buy at the 42,55 level

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