Big Week Ahead

{+++}  I tried a video tonight , but still on generator power and I guess I have a bandwidth problem. This  could be a monumental week for the market. If I knew where we were going I’d be lying, although I do think that once the uncertainty of the election is over on Tuesday evening, we may get a snap back higher, Markets are short term oversold and although Friday’s giveback after Thursday’s rally was bearish, we all know things can change quickly either way.

The election has been a dead weight on this tape, so when clarity returns, regardless of the winner, we may see some calm.

No new names tonight, but please check the P&L as I have updated it and carried over all active names from October to the new month of November.

See you guys in the chat room in the morning. If anyone would like a copy of the October P&L shoot me an email.

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