Here’s What Will Happen

First of all, these fucktards in Europe need to get a grip. Neo- nazis, New Socialists, New Democracy, bite me. The Sriza party sounds like bad fucking red wine.

The walls of Greece are covered in graffiti that reads “For nothing-against everything”. Know what? Go drink Drano. Your act is tiresome. You miserable entitled bunch of bastards. May you all circle the drain together.Send Sean Penn and Wycliffe over there to raise capital.

The Communists in China will save Greece somehow someway. Their near term existence kind of depends on it as they sell their asbestos and broken toys to Europe. It’s their largest export partner. Don’t forget, China needs more vacant condos and malls.  Build it and they will come.  At least they think so.

Germany is the best room in the crack den right now and Merkel will acquiesce to save her own bacon at some point. It sucks being successful when you’re surrounded by the “give me” crowd.  Lagarde snapped at Greece the other day, but later bought back some of her sizzle, (basically told Greece to go die,) after her Facebook page lit up by angry cradle to gravers.

Truth is, she was upset because Sarkozy, now a devil may care playboy, was getting new lifts and blew off their date. TMZ is reporting that it’s all good now.

Money is being wired out of southern Europe to northern Europe for safety reasons and there is a very orderly jog on the banks banks right now.

Everyone plays tough until they are on bended knee before the guillotine. It is then that people talk, beg or show their cards. As pathetic as it may be, Europe, as well as these United States, have howitzers, bazookas and daisy cutters at their disposal. As a result, they will not let this pathetic house of cards collapse.

There is just way to much collective skin in the game.

Have your seats and tray tables in an upright position. It should be a hoot.

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