The Wrap 1/26/12


I was going to post a chart or two of the S&P and the Nazzy tonight, but chose not to because it really didn’t do all that much.

We have rallied in a big way since the short term bottom at the end of November, roughly 160 S&P points and about 240 S&P points from the early October lows. I love being bullish, but nothing goes straight up.

Call me silly, but I think we are due for a sell off. I am shorter than a lawn gnome right now. The market usually doesn’t sell off on Friday’s, but my birthday is Saturday so that will be fine if it decides to. The Stock Almanac swears that good guys get rewarded on Friday’s before their birthday.

I have updated the P&L, so please check out all the new additions, adjustments and deletions. I am moving fast lately, so don’t feel obligated to participate. I am giving you my trades.

Have a great night.


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