Circus Time

It’s goofy time again in the market. The 200 day moving average is done, unless of course something saves Europe soon. It was nice to know you up there ( not in the biblical sense), we kissed several times, but we never got you naked.

Maybe next year. Maybe this year? Give me a catalyst. The goofy pundits were all on the same team this week. How could we not go higher? After all, Santa fu**ng Clause was coming. How inherently retarded.  They never gave reasons. Just Santa Clause. They need to be fired if for no other reason than just existing.. They destroy your financial hope daily. They are moderators. Move forward with them at your peril.

Your soul becomes cured after losses, not gains. You should study the idiocy that put you in a trade over and over again. If you don’t study, you will be done. I have made all the mistakes and sometimes continue to invent new ones. All on my own.

This tape is brutal, I have laid in shorts starting last week and my euro short is killing it. i will cover them quickly if I’m wrong. I trust this whole escapade as much as Corzine with my Christmas club money.

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