Will Verizon Buy Netlix?

“Netflix will be sold by Easter,”– veteran media banker Porter Bibb

We’ve heard the rumor before. We’ve heard it more lately. Most momentum stocks that get ground into pixie dust like $NFLX eventually become a take out story.

Netflix was one of the biggest percentage gainers yesterday in an otherwise down market, rallying 6.16 percent to close at $75.26.

The rumor happened yesterday morning, at first the speculation was that Verizon $VZ was readying a bid, then a possible $AMZN bid was thrown into the mix. $AAPL and $MSFT have also been in the conversation from time to time.

This has become a classic “in play” story and shorts in the name are probably looking over their shoulders at this point because you just never know.

What’s more, one Wall Street source said Netflix is talking to content companies about deepening partnerships in a way that could lead to the sale of a stake in the company.

Stay tuned. This one will get interesting, especially when mammoth acquirers with very deep pockets are the possible suitors.
I wouldn’t want to be short.


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