Occupy This


Show me a young Conservative and I will show you some one with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I will show you someone with no brains–Winston Churchill

Manhattan has become the island of misfit toys with this” Occupy Wall Street” bullshit, sponsored by socialist George Soros and progressive left group Move On. Soros has thrown more money at Move On than a drunk at strip club. Let me be clear, I have no problems with strip clubs.

These pathetic troglodytes hate all that is good about our country and haven’t a clue what the notion of American Exceptionalism is. They are lost souls, some are homeless, some are silver spoons with Daddy’s money. All are rudderless socially and march to a different drummer. At least the 60’s protests were cool, and the music was freaking awesome.

These antediluvian misanthropes even hate Apple $AAPL. They hate progress at all cost, they live for, and will defend to the death the notion of a one world order and the European model, yet this administration can’t pull us in that direction fast enough. If you woke up late, that model is imploding by the day and has been a slow motion train wreck for years.

Of course this movement was a fail from the get go and all they have done so far is block traffic. Many think the unions are also behind this, and maybe some in our current administration. I’m sure the latter couldn’t be true, after all, Geithner only cheated on his taxes and Eric Holder our attorney general, just finished lying to Congress. CBS which broke the Fast and Furious/Holder drama is sitting on nitro, stay tuned on this one.

I speak as a former lib, but that was a long time ago.

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