Has Apple Jumped the Shark?

Please don’t send me death threats, I’m just thinking out loud and I LOVE Apple $AAPL.  I love their products, I loved Steve Jobs and I love the fact that I am lucky enough to live in this cutting edge age of technology. I wrote this morning that Jobs was only just starting to innovate, and his loss saddens me deeply.

Forget the stock price for a minute. Apple is trading heavy, but for crap sake it has earned the right to.  Apple had its Steve Jobs correction a while back. Everyone knew how this would end, it is because of this I now look to the future.

Many say that Jobs laid a blueprint on a going forward basis for the next five years, some say ten years. How can that be when technology changes by the day? What is relevant today could be rendered obsolete next year. I don’t know who the next embedded genius is at Apple, but if he is “the man” (maybe it’s more than one person) I hope he or she has a lifetime contract at obscene money, because people get poached, and with out Steve, it will be much easier. I say without Steve, because the mystique of Apple died yesterday too. People are greedy and they will leave.

Cook is incredibly competent on a CEO level, but not on a “God” level like Jobs. I don’t think a person exists on planet earth who is.

So what now? The new iPhone was kind of a thud, and Android is outselling the  iPhone lately. We love iPods, and Macs continue to make headway  into the PC market, but where will the “juice” come from?

Jobs was a brilliant genius who thought outside any reality. A guy who spent countless hours trying to decide if purple or magenta would be cooler as a color scheme. A brilliant anal genius. Gifted beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. There will always only be one Steve Jobs.

I always thought Apple was as brilliant a retailer as it was a technology  company, but without Jobs and his genius, the next “big thing” might just be as “hot” as this new iPhone.

I always rooted for Jobs, not so much Apple anyway. We all rooted for Jobs. We dared him to destroy “his” last awesome innovation and he always did.

Blueprints are useless without a General.




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