iPhone 8 and QE7 Or Bust

So why should I buy this market before all the saviors are fully disclosed to me?  The virtual iPhone 8 sounds good, my wife can bitch slap me if I’m a little late and Bernanke can serve me creamed corn through a crazy straw, because I won’t be able to  buy a cantaloupe for less than $180 (Whole Foods charges this now, but your being picky).

There are things that are the continuum, quantitative easing and Apple (at east for now). Some will debate the latter, as Steve Jobs is gone. Frankly, I give it a year or two and Apple will morph to a lesser name. Come on, he’s gone. I don’t mean dead, just gone. A new reality will take hold, it always does. I always said that in the end there will be nothing but roaches and iPads. If only Burgess Meredith had his glasses and an iPad during that epic Twilight Zone episode after the Apocalypse.

Lately things have looked odd to me, but it always looks odd to me. The market corrected, but yet we have railed over 100 S&P points in a heartbeat. This is the new normal, as we see stock market moves that take place in a week, that back in the day took months if not years to come to closure. Is that an all clear? That’s for you and your 301k’s to determine in a few months or weeks perhaps. It’s a different market.

It also kind of depends on when you got in the market. Can you imagine being the silver spoon that inherited a few million in February 2009. You’re twenty five, like to surf and smoke massive quantities of dope and some talentless money manager told you to just buy stock funds and go to Bora Bora? What bear market? You be cruisin’ man. Timing is everything, in life and the market. Not many are so blessed, but I guess some were.

Anyhoo, we plebs continue to slog it out and fight the good fight and try to win more than we lose. If you are losing more than you win then I recommend a vacation or a hurricane that will render you useless (like me) to the world for a few days. I enjoyed my few days away from social media, but found myself crawling through the dark last night in search of the needle. Thank you to Twitter and Stocktwits for making me feel so connected.

They tell me that my power, lost from the hurricane, will be restored tonight, but they have been saying that since Saturday. Bernanke also told me we weren’t in a recession, as we all choked on a bone a while back. Hey, you gotta trust yourself in this market. Be smart (always be suave), and really, from the heart, try and avoid the pundits. Time frame is everything, and yours may not be there’s, as buy and hold is now buy and fold. At least in this market.

Good luck out there.


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