Sex Lies and Videotape

Remember this righteous condescending gem from tool John Roberts after Sarah Palin said “reload”? The left was tingly and mightier than thou for weeks. You can watch this clowns disingenuous staged apology to his supposed “intelligent” viewers above.

So what about Joe Biden? The hair plugged misanthrope that is a heart beat away from the Presidency? He called the Tea Party people “terrorists” yesterday.

From Bachman

“Only in the bizarro world of Washington is fiscal responsibility sometimes defined as terrorism “Our belief that America should live within its means and not spend more than it takes in distinguishes us as patriots who love our country, not to be equated with the terrorists whose sole aim is to destroy it.”

These are the same people who REFUSE to label the 9/11 peeps as terrorists. Let’s stop the bullshit….and I was on the 87th floor of the Trade Center when the plane hit.

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