Where Are the 2008 Bubble Babies Now?

The S&P has doubled and Nirvana and Ether have consumed us, so it got me to thinking of the guys and gals that started the mess in the first place and where they may be now.

Dick Fuld– Lehman Chairman- Sold most of his personal art fortune, now selling etch a sketches out of the trunk of his Pinto on Central Park West.

John Thain– the former chairman of everything , NYSE, MER & ex Goldman Co-President is now trying to raise CIT from bankruptcy. No you can’t make it up. No more $87,000 rugs for Johnny and CIT asked him to occasionally show a pulse. New contract states the he still gets to act wicked waspy and condescend to friends and family on weekends.

Jimmy Cayne-Former Bears Stearn’s President- Jimmy loves his bud and is advising EZ Wider and Bamboo on a potential merger.

Alan “we have no counter party risk the day before we filed bankruptcy” Schwartz– Currently running Guggenheim Securities, but only recently realized it wasn’t the museum.

Anthony Mozilo– Avoided jail, now marketing a product called “tan man in a can”. Plays bridge with Chris Dodd on weekends.

Suzie Orman– Still tells people to buy and hold.

Robert Kiyosaki-Still tells people t0 buy real estate.

Tony Robbins-Still helping people who listened to Orman and Kiyosaki, also starting to make market prognostications.

Cramer– Still backing up the truck and making crazy sounds with his Moog synthesizer, thinks he’s Rick Wakeman from Yes.

Tom Adkins-Remember him? He just squeegied my windshield.

Most mutual funds-When you are down 50% you need 100% just to get even. They just suck.

Alan Greenspan– Spends most of his free time now at Victoria’s Secret picking out lingerie for Andrea Mitchell. Gets paid zillions to Monday morning quarterback.

There are many more, but probably not enough bandwidth.

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