Skinny Jeans and Rice Cakes

Well it looks like Harry Reid got his cherry blossom parade after all and it looks like some cowboy poets even showed up.  John and Harry were off for some slushies at 711 and then Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate. The beat goes on.

Oil closed the week plus $113 and Brent crude ripped, gold and silver are going bonkers. I’ve started to watch what I eat, but $75 for a rice cake is silly if you ask me. And I refuse to pay $400 for a pair of my favorite skinny jeans. I think the bulls may have another 20 handles left on the upside, but I’ve been wrong before. I sold a lot last week and put on some shorts. I can maneuver and cover quickly if the market decides to go to 20,000 and prove me wrong, but I think the next week or two will tell a story.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the links.

I will start with a 600 mph ejector seat because I think I may need one over the next couple of weeks.

Which Wall Street titan costs the most to protect?

What’s been what

ETF’s for cheapos

Consensus earnings for 2012.

A great look at Bernanke’s scorecard.

Ten good Burgundies.

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