Weekend Linky Dinks: The Three Horseman Return To the Market, AAPL, GOOG, AMZN

The Gilded Age for stocks has returned and the halcyon days for GOOG, AMZN and APPL are back, I guess, maybe, I think, who knows. Google put the shorts through the wood chipper on Friday, Apple would not be outdone as it came within pennies of $315 into the close, and AMZN said “not without me.” BIDU goes next week,but the financials are dying as QE2, in my opinion, won’t help them on this go round.

Option expiration day was wild, even the algos seemed confused, but it’s trader heaven for now, until it’s not.

Have a great weekend and please enjoy some links of interest.

Anatomy of a short sale; Einhorn and St. Joe ($JOE) and why shorts are smarter than longs (see slide show). They do more work.

Banks are getting squeezed,,, in a bad way.

Foreclosure economy.

Crap, I lost my iPhone

I guess I should short Baldwin, Les Paul and Gibson, amazing. (Video)

China says “don’t blame us dude”


Cameron, 3-D, Cleopatra and Jolie..ahh Angie in 3-D...someone stop me.

The $650,000 lap dance.

“Smart” money is  short NDX..not so smart after yesterday.

Richards on Jagger

No jobs until 2010? Brutal pace.

19 facts about the De-industrialization of America.

The longest tunnel in the world.

Tan man in a can pays a fine.

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To request performance results email [email protected]    We’re off to a great start for Octobers, some of last weeks winners were: KERX +17%, ORCL +4.0%, MCO +5.7%, ENDP +3.8%, GBX +11.0%, POL +4.7%, WFR +4.7%, INTU +2.6%, LDK +5.7%, RIG +10%, GOOG +10%

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