Weekend Linky Dinks: Welcome to Rocktober

What a month it has been for the bulls. Materials and gold are exploding, oil continues to drift higher, and although technology hit a bit of a speed bump, their charts (with the exception of some cloud names) still look powerful. The financial sector hasn’t exploded yet, but are holding their bids, so perhaps some good earnings reports from the big three, BAC,C and JPM  next week will really break that sector out.

The foreclosure market has become a mess and Bank of America has stopped them in all 50 states for now. That story will continue to get interesting. Have a great weekend and here are some links of interest.

The flash crash..it wasn’t Waddell

Cisco’s new thing, pretty expensive to see Grandma.

A bettor’s win win.

ETF roundup..MOO and DBA were rippers.

Apple and Verizon ..finally

Lower prices for UK housing?

Alcoa looking good.

Krygyzstan is ungovernable

As some 401K’s are now 201K’s, there is more interest in reverse mortgages.

How Ackman stalked JC Penny

Chosin, forgotten men, forgotten battle and an excellent watch

Android Mania

Economics from the Washington Compost.

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