The Wrap 2/3/10

{+++}Today was sloshy, I find myself using odd adjectives lately, but that’s how I roll. I left my office at 2PM today, I haven’t done that in years as I am glued to my screens and take in every tick. I felt that I had no edge, my partner didn’t have an edge either but he takes more time off than me and I was due.

From my recent writings, you know that I feel we are in “limbo.” It’s OK to be in limbo, it’s a good time for me to look at charts and read everything I can on the macro side, it’s not all technical, never was for me and those of you that have been with me for a while know that I have moved away from day trading, although I will take some trades intra-day now and again, the FAS short that I posted yesterday on Twitter  worked for 2 bucks today, but I’m not doing much.

I said last night that a close under 1099-1100, in my opinion, would put the 1070 level in  play again, of course that isn’t a forgone conclusion, especially when CSCO crushed their number to the upside after the close today. A run to and close at or above the 1113-15 level would in my opinion turn the advantage back to the bulls.

Speaking of CSCO, their number was good,but tech earnings haven’t much mattered, look at GOOG,AMZN,AAPL and MSFT and it all started with INTC-who cares?, they are selling the news. The stock is up in the after market, the key is for it to hold more than a week, INTC and CSCO never do.

WFC triggered today, I will update the spreadsheet tomorrow as nothing else has changed.

Still in limbo so no new names.

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