Morning Morsel-Brown/Coakley and Citigroup In Focus

Interesting day for Massachusetts and the country, as politicos on both sides jockey for position. The outcome may or may not have an effect on the market, but the drama should be fun nonetheless.

My favorite lolly pop kid, Timmy Geithner appears on the Hill next week to discuss the “don’t tell anyone about AIG” matter and his good pal Hammerin Hank Paulson was also given an invite to appear. If you believe Timmy’s rebuttal to all this, than you also believe that he didn’t understand Turbo Tax and that pigs can fly.

Futures are down slightly in front of the Citigroup number and earnings reports go full steam this week. Citi is expected to report its tenth consecutive quarterly loss this morning. Such a well run bank. We see IBM after the close today and WFC, GS,GE, BAC and GOOG all report this week.

In the “you can’t make this stuff up department”,

The International Builders’ Show will go on this week in Vegas without its signature exhibit, The New American Home, which for years has served as a showcase for some of the latest trends in building, design and home products.

The private lender financing the project ran into credit problems and had to withdraw funding, according to the show’s Web site.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

09:00 BoC Rate Decision, Nov Net Long-Term TIC Flows (last $20.7B), Nov Total Net TIC Flows (last -$13.9B)
13:00 Jan NAHB Housing Market Index (last 16)
PGN Earnings Guidance. ICSC/UBSW Chain Store Sales (7:45, last -3%). Redbook Retail Sales (8:55, last +1.4%). ABC Consumer Confidence (last -47). Trades Ex-dividend: DLM $0.05, POT $0.10.
Before the Open: C, FAST, FHN, FRX, IIVI, EDU, PH, PETS, AMTD. After the Close: ADTN, CREE, CSX, FULT, HBHC, IBM, PNFP, SUPX.
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