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{+++} This is a report my son wrote last week for his 7th grade essay. I’m only sending it to you guys, subscribers, because I hate everyone else. LOL I think ( Dad bias) it’s pretty inspirational. It inspired me in a weird way, maybe because he’s 12, and I’m always trying to get better.

JD Donohue




My Jar

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have!” This fantastic quote was said by Thomas Jefferson. He is stating that you’re not going to get by in life on dumb luck. There is no such thing as empty luck.

Luck is like an empty jar. As you work hard and better yourself, the empty jar fills up with courage and self-esteem. This combination of courage and self-esteem is “Luck”. If you are outgoing and take chances you might fail, you might get something great out of it. Failure and success are both great things. If you fail, it makes you want to succeed that much more. But if you succeed, you know you can improve.

You can ask anybody who knows me what my hobby is, and they will most-likely all have the same response: “JD loves to sing and act.” This quote by Thomas Jefferson reminds me of when I auditioned for the Manasquan High School production of Seussical. Manasquan High School seldom uses kids in their productions. I saw my chance for the limelight, and I took it. I knew about the audition two weeks prior of when it took place. I practiced the song “It’s Possible” at least 3,000 times. I thought I had a good shot at the part until I walked through the double doors and saw how many boys and girls were sitting in the hallway, trying out for the same part as me. When my name was called, I just did my best. It wasn’t until a week later that I got a letter saying that I got the part. I was ecstatic for a month.

From practicing my audition song so many times, I had a lot of courage and self-esteem inside my luck jar. It just goes to show that, realistically, you make your own luck. Luck doesn’t grow on trees, it is earned. I am going to stride through life knowing that I don’t need empty, worthless luck, and that my jar is full.

-JD Donohue

JD is a pretty terrific young man and he would love to know your thoughts. I’m becoming much more philosophical in 2010. LOL

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